Dani & Paddy, Cotswolds Wedding

Coming from a musical family we had lots of advice to hand, but Sarah helped us find something unique.

We were looking for something traditional but not the usual wedding songs - Sarah found the perfect piece.

We were made to feel our wedding was a one-off and never encouraged to just take an easy option. Sarah helped us fully understand what to expect from the performers.

Penny & Nigel, Sussex Wedding

I had no idea of where to start with the music but we knew what we liked and knew Sarah would guide us in the right direction.

It was important for us to also see and hear the singer during the signing of the  register, so we felt involved.

Sarah give us a broad choice of options but after listening to what we had planned for the day and the atmosphere we wanted to create, it was easy to chose from her suggestions.

Monette & Tom, London Wedding

Being a teacher, I was fortunate enough to have some of my pupils performing at  my wedding.

Sarah was excellent at helping us find the right music that would not be too taxing for the performers but give a polished performance for our guests.

Her knowledge of different music, combined with her ability to fully understand what our special day was all about made it feel unique and personal.