What we do


Why co-ordinate the music?

All the elements of your wedding need to work in harmony, including the music that you choose. It's easy to overlook this with so many other aspects to consider but music is an essential part of setting a celebratory mood before, during and after the ceremony and it plays a central role in providing structure to proceedings. Music helps your day run smoothly, but it also creates special memories.


Why use a music consultant?

Whether your plans are almost complete or whether you are just considering your initial options, finding that piece of music that is special to you can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.  A consultant can help to  simplify the choices and provide expert guidance. They can also ensure that your chosen music is performed by a musician who will hit the right note every time.


Why choose me?

As a classically trained opera singer I have performed throughout the UK, Europe and the United States, as well as at countless weddings. I found that while there is plenty of help available to chose the right dress, venue or food for the big day, many couples also want sound advice on music too.  My personal expertise, my network of professional musicians and, most importantly,  my ability to help the couple to find something unique, has ensured that music has been a memorable part of many weddings.