About Us

Sound Advice Consultancy provides confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities. We value diversity, champion equality and challenge discrimination.

services provided

We aim to provide support and guidance to our clients in order to overcome the problems they face in day to day dealings with all manner of agencies. We hope that through this we can improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives. We are a voice for our clients and consumers on the issues that matter to them.We’re here for everyone.

We work closely within our local area while still offering a nationwide service, based on the needs of our clients .

We help with everything from money issues to problems at work, housing to consumer rights, and everything in between.

Often times one issue may be linked to another, or causing another.We tackle issues in the round to ensure our clients get all of the support they need.Helping people solve their problems can stop issues getting worse.We will work closely with our clients and aim to reach the best outcome possible.

At Sound Advice Consultancy we pride ourselves on communication and flexibility. We work to ensure a meeting at a time that will suit you, the client, and we strive to address every query within twenty four hours. Our priority is helping the client, and to this end we offer very reasonable rates and flexible payment options. Rates are calculated on a case by case basis, and a full breakdown of costs, if any, will be detailed in advance .